• Healthy Hiking & BBQ Day 2017!
  • Shenzhen Office CNY Party 2017
  • 2016 Sharing & Dinner
  • 2016 Summer Activity: Pizza Making Workshop. Having fun with the flour!
  • 2016 Summer Activity - Laser War Game! Hold the gun & fight for the glory!
  • 2015 Annual Dinner - Pajamas Party. Great effort in the year and let's celebrate together!
  • 2015 Annual Dinner - Pajamas Party. Snapped a nice photograph of game subgroup.
  • 2015 Annual Dinner - Pajamas Party. Enjoy the night! Having fun & sharing joy!
  • Year 2015 - Bubble Soccer for team building
  • Year 2015 - Sailing Training Course


There is a strong bonding between AMC members, which creates a harmony combination of the energetic young and the experienced professionals.

The leaders are the guiding light for the young AMC team and we enjoy what we do while the results prove it.