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Future Plans

We see sustainability as an essential element for our clients and our industry and we anticipate this will be a journey of continuous learning and development – at AMC, we pride ourselves on being proactive and innovative, and the same applies with sustainability. 


We are researching other businesses and industries to see how we might adopt some of their sustainable best practices, with the ultimate goal of operating a circular or closed-loop business and eliminating single use products and materials.

Alongside this, we are researching the best way to benchmark and quantify the sustainability of all our business activities, including suppliers and sub-contractors, working with our clients to provide them with the data they require.  

2023 GOALS

- Increase usage of recyclable carpet tiles by our clients by 20%

- Complete conversion of lighting to 100% LED

- Continue to promote to our clients the Frame & Fabric option.

- Continue to work with organisers and local industry associations to promote the sustainability benefits of lower stand heights.

- Increase Solar battery power usage by 15%

- Reduce office paper usage by 20%

- Support up to three local charities in the locations where we operate.

- Increase employee volunteering hours by 25%

- At least two company gatherings for sharing and socializing.

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