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Warehouses & Production Facilities

Proper planning and preparation is a key aspect of our business and sustainability programme.


Every project, from a single special design stand to official contractor status at a mega-event, requires detailed planning, preparation and logistics, and this starts at our warehouses and production facilities.


Over the years, AMC has invested substantially in a wide range of furniture, system panels, lighting, fixtures and fittings, and warehousing and production facilities and systems to support this commitment. Efficient management, storage and maintenance of stock allows for the planning of detailed delivery schedules, maximizing container/truck utilization, and streamlined onsite procedures.  These movements are coordinated with suppliers/sub-contractors, making logistics and on-site work process as sustainable as possible.


Where complex stand designs are required, these are constructed and checked at our production facilities, before being dismantled, transported and assembled onsite; our aim is to plan effectively to improve our sustainability performance and efficiency across the whole work process.


The same process applies in reverse for the break-down and move-out at events.  And this also applies to current “single-use material” destined for a landfill or disposal – by coordinating with other contractors and centralizing this process, we can lessen the number of vehicles needed for this task, making the process safer and lessening the overall impact.  Our ultimate aim is to eliminate these single-use materials from our business, and support the local industries to do likewise.

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